About Us

  • Fundamental Futbol Academy Eagles, Is a organized 501c(3) not for profit entity to motivate youth soccer players of all ages to express themselves in a positive, supportive, and competitive environment. We value great attitude and respect more than winning because a competitive mind set and respect for the game leads to winning. We live in the most diverse city in the world, New York City and our academy is a reflection of it. The end of our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to be great and reach their full potential in soccer and in school.

  • “Its in Unity We Find Strength”

Our Mission

  • Encourage excellence through hard work, leadership, and to motivate our players to become confident with a competitive mindset.

  • Empowerment through training to develop creativity and prepare our players to stay positive and goal oriented.

  • Committed to helping young people in our communities embrace an active and healthy, using soccer to cultivate critical life skills that pave the path to a better future.


Support Each Other

I’m very happy to have Uba has my teammate, he is a little older than me. He taught me alot on the field as a striker i love playing side by side with him. He makes me laugh with his jokes. He is from mexico and I’m from Argentina so we share the love for soccer. I love being on this team because it allows me to meet players from all over the world.

— Hugo 8 years and Uba 10 years



  • E-xcellence

  • A-chievement

  • G-oal setting

  • L-eadership

  • E-mpowerment

  • S-upport