ffa spring high school Girls soccer league


To increase the length of soccer related activities for students who love the game, but don’t necessarily have the time to commit to club or academy soccer. We want to create a long lasting fellowship among students and a sportsmanship environment. We understand and value the critical health issues in our kids life today due to lack of interest in sports, and a healthy lifestyle. Teach them the importance of being a student athlete.


  • To have different school district form a team of 10 to 15 players to join our Spring league to compete against other school for a chance to win a trophy for their school.

  • Each school team will be appointed 8 to 10 games per Spring season.

  • Two sets of uniforms with the FFA NYC logo and the school logo on it plus a bag with both logos on it as well.

  • 1 practice a week 1 game on weekends

  • Each game will be appointed an official referee who will be compensated by FFA NYC

  • League schedule will be known a month before the season starts

  • Insurance and registration will be on file so each player will be checked by the referee before each games.

  • Teams with unregistered players will automatically be forced to forfeit the game.


  • 12 Teams Max

  • 8 to 10 teams Min


(W1 vs E1) ( W3 vs E3) (W5 vs E5)

(W2 vs E2) ( W4 vs E4) (W6 vs E6)

High school is a very important stage in a student athletes career. We focus on giving our high school players the mental tools and the discipline it takes to succeed at the collegiate level. Before Our Head of stuff Kevin K Lue was appointed the job at Avenues the world School, they had a loosing record. In 2015 after accepting the position as head coach of the upper school at avenues, he begun applying the FFA method of coaching. Train, Educate, Inspire and the step by step instruction led the organization to an 11-0 record bringing the boys their first ever conference trophy. That year our head of staff Kevin K. Lue was awarded coach of the year. A few seniors from that team were given an opportunity to play soccer in college. ¨FFA NYC end goal¨


Build confidence

Our meticulous training sessions builds confidence in our players and prepares them for what the collegiate level is going to be like if they decide to pursue a student athletes career at a university.


build courage

Being surrounded by coaches with collegiate and professional experience is paramount. And as coaches with collegiate and minor professional experience, we know what it takes to get our players mentally, emotionally, and physically, ready for the next stage


build mental strenght

Soccer is more than a game its a lifestyle. its's the everyday people you meet along your journey, the everyday struggles through preseason, understanding your body mechanism, dealing with academics as well as game performance is what we strive to instill in our players.