The Fundamental Fútbol Academy, also known as FFA, is based on simple techniques to enhance the learning process of any entry to amateur level soccer player. Our renowned muscle memory drills are our main focus with regards to our training programs and methods. Our guidance maintains our players at a high level of focus, strength, endurance, and most importantly, a founded understanding of the game and our training technique.

FFA is surrounded by top quality coaching, all of our coaches have been hand selected by President/Founder Kevin Lue. Their resumes always include past experience of playing at a high level, the ability to connect with our Academy's students and most importantly the ability to implement Coach Lue's techniques with precision and accuracy.

The FFA system "Train. Educate. Inspire." has been found to be effective on every type of player from beginner level to travel team players... even professional players have found use strengthening their game.

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Fundamental Fútbol Academy


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